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Introducing the V2; our newest, most advanced speaker yet. We took everything you loved about our OG speakers and made them better

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Custom bluetooth speakers

In the market for a badass portable speaker?

You've found it.


Built to work

Don't settle for a normal Bluetooth speaker. You need something tough. Something resilient; like the dinosaurs before that big meteor strike.

throw bangers

Party. Mode.

Got a crowd to entertain? Link up to 100 of our speakers in Party Mode for party level sound.

Go Crazy

Customize your own

Looking for something... custom? We can powder coat almost any color in house. Feel free to get creative

Customize here

Long Range

Industry leading long-range Bluetooth allows for 300+ feet of wireless transmission.

Let's get wet

Built to play

With an optional IP65 waterproof rating, these speakers are ready for anything you have to throw at em’, especially water.


here for the long haul

With a 30+ hour battery life and charge-on-the-go capabilities, you’ll never be stuck with a dead battery again.

Based on 156 reviews
Corey Wilson
Crystal Clear Sound!!!!!!

The Best!! The sound quality is so good. I would recommend! The wait was worth it!

Caden Koziol

Love the speaker but first day long range antenna fell off and lost it

A grade

The manufacturing and quality of this product is outstanding. Can’t wait to order second one and link together for an even better experience. Clear sound and range.

"New" V2 Ammo Can Speaker
Callen Wenninghoff

Works great. Sounds wonderful,

Tommy Dolan

After almost 2 years contemplating on this unit, finally decided to treat myself to one for my 69th birthday. No idea why I waited so long. Incredible sound for such a compact unit. Definitely has the weight for my riverside enjoyment. Highly recommend to anyone thinking about getting one... other than a couple packaging issue's, very impressed overall....

Cherry Stem
Jocelyn Krueger

Speaker is everything I expected and more! My boyfriend and I love it so much. It’s perfect size and everything

This new one is BAD @$$

This is my third RAK'D speaker. Two have been giveaways in an auction for charity these last two years. The latest one I have kept for myself. Custom order took a couple weeks. Came with two antennas. The packaging now has gotten so much better than before, but I haven't had any damage in shipping ever.
Changes colors in the sun, gets LOUD and the battery lasted 13 hours of non-stop play at the show before we just shut it down. Still had battery to go. I can't wait to get a couple more and put them in party mode!!
What could make these things even better? I would say colored speaker grill options. But that's just cosmetic. Operationally, these things are darn near perfect. Keep it up. I will, obviously, be buying a new one next year. Maybe two. LOL

Bumble Bee
Billy Tibbs

It works as described! I thought it would be a bit bigger but it’s still great. I only wish I would have gotten the extender for long reach! If you purchase grab it!

Hayden Hansford
10 out of 10

Love this speaker the colors and sounds are just perfect we use it for pool party’s and out at the lake great sound on open water can hear a good ways away 10 out of 10 recommend

Works great, battery life is pretty good the the volume it puts out


The distance did not last long!

Hey Cheryl,

Sorry you're having issues with your unit! Please reach out to us via email- your speaker is still covered under your 1 year warranty. We'd like to get this fixed for you!

8 days 30hrs 50%+ battery

No joke. I haven’t charged it even for a moment since I received it. It only has the charged it was shipped with. @30hrs of use I needed to charge my phone so I figured I’d use the speaker. An hr later came back and it was finally flashing yellow while charging the phone. Great sound even at the loudest setting. More than loud enough to make the neighbors mad! 😂👍🏼

Very pleased. Great craftsmanship, great sound.

Worth the money!

Ordered the Seasoned V2 OD Green Ammo Can Speaker. I am a Heavy Equipment Field Tech and use this all day and absolutely love it. Everyone that sees is amazed by it. Long lasting battery life too.

Received this product today and I'm thoroughly impressed, I mainly bought this because of the party mode feature. There will be 3 more in my future 2 for work and 2 for home/camping

todd meyer

Best customer service, product, and live help from the company.
I just ordered 2 more. Can't wait to receive them.
Thank you, guys!

I really like the ammo can speaker it has good sound it's loud but I think it could be a little bit louder but I will say keep it up I like it I can't wait to buy two more


This box sounds amazing, looks awesome and is exactly as described. Love it! Thanks fellas!

Very happy

The speaker is great battery lasts along time good sound quality just wish it was a little louder but still very happy with it

"New" V2 Ammo Can Speaker
Joshua Roseberry
Work speaker

I take it work in the military and everyone loves it and it’s by far one of if not the best speakers I’ve had and it’s basically been used all day for about 4 days before it needed charged amazing

It’s awesome!

I’ve been very happy with this little box. I’ve used it several times already and haven’t even need to charge it yet! 5stars!!

Absolutely Worth It

I bought the Seasoned V2 with the long antenna, charge ports and waterproof speakers, and it is worth every penny I paid. For starters the play time he's has listed is wrong, it's actually closer to DOUBLE what he says. I work 10 hour shifts and almost always have it cracked to the max, and the battery doesn't reach 50% until a half hour before I'm done with the day. On Fridays, I'll use it like normal at work, and just leave it on and take it home and it usually doesn't die until late Sunday morning. The speakers themselves get very loud, and the sound carries very well. I've never had a problem with reception, though the plastic case of the antenna is weak at the hinge. As for the charge ports, they're usefull though they do drain the battery life very quickly and only work when it's powered on. This is a pretty heavy speaker, though I personally like it because if it wasn't so heavy it'd probably vibrate away from the bass. The only thing I would change about mine is a layer of clearcoat, because the original stenciling will wash away(I use mine a lot in a power wash bay)

Custom Powder Coated Ammo Can Speaker
Billy Gray Sullivan III
Great Investment

You really get what you pay for and the quality is top notch.

John Beer
Michael Nasholm

Got my speaker and it was well packed. The finish was perfect and looked awesome. Paired with my phone easily and sounds great! Love my speaker and it stays in my pickup at all times just in case we need it.

Awesome unit