RAK'D V2 Instructions


Your RAK'D Audio V2 speaker is controlled via the push-button power switch located on the front of your speaker. To achieve different functions, this button can be pressed multiple times. 


Power On- To turn on your speaker, simply hold the power button down until speaker powers on

Power Off- To turn off your speaker, simply hold the power button down until speaker powers off

Operation is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Button Press Function                                
Single Press Switch to Leader Mode 
Double Press Switch to Follower Mode
Triple Press Switch to Phone Pairing Mode




When powered on, your RAK'D speaker will automatically pair to the last device it was connected to- as long as it's within range.

To pair a new device to your speaker, it must be switched into pairing mode. To do this, press the power button 3 times. Your speaker will say "pairing" and the ring light will illuminate blue. When a new device is connected, speaker will say "connected".

*Note- If phone has previously been paired with speaker, speaker will not say "connected" when the phone is connected. 

Party Mode


Party mode allows multiple speakers to be linked together via Bluetooth. In this mode, the Leader speaker will transmit music to the Follower speakers.

*Note- Since all music is transmitted from the Leader speaker, it is not necessary to have a phone paired to the Follower speakers. If a phone is paired to the Follower speakers, the Leader speaker will take priority when linked in Party Mode. 


Step Function Button Press- Leader Button Press- Follower Details
1 Assign Leader 1 press On the Leader speaker, press the power button once- this will place the speaker into Leader Mode- speaker will begin looking for Follower speakers. Power switch will flash purple
2 Add Followers 2 Press On the Follower speaker, press the power button twice- this will place the speaker into Follower Mode- speaker will automatically pair to the nearest speaker in Leader Mode. Power switch will flash orange 
3 Add more Followers Simply repeat steps 1 & 2 for the current Leader speaker and new Follower speakers- see note below this table
4 Leave the Party 1 Press To leave the party, press the power button once. Speaker will reconnect to previously paired phone

*Note- When placed into Party Mode, the Leader speaker will search for new speakers for 3 minutes and then time out. To begin searching for more speakers to add to the party, simply re-activate searching mode by pressing the power button once on the Leader speaker and twice on the Follower speakers wishing to join the party. 

Won't link?

Try these steps:

After pressing the power button twice on the Follower speaker and once on the Leader speaker, power off the Follower speaker and then power it back on again.

Try switching the speakers; making the Leader the Follower and the Follower the Leader


Your speaker will remember and automatically connect to the last speaker or speakers it was linked to in party mode. This feature is great for home use where the same speakers will always be linked together. Simply power on the speakers and they will automatically link together- no need to manually pair them! 

To remove a speaker from this party, simply power it on and then press the power button once. This will take it out of Follower Mode. 

Button Colors- Operation




Battery is over 50% charged


Battery is between 25% and 50% charge


Battery is below 25% charge- charge battery 

Flashing Red

Battery is dead- charge battery
Blue Bluetooth phone pairing mode
Purple Leader Mode activated- Searching for follower speakers
Orange Follower Mode activated- Searching for leader speaker

 Button Colors- Charging

Color Meaning
Green- Fast Flash Battery is fully charged 
Green- Flashing Charging and over 50% full
Yellow- Flashing  Charging and under 50% full

*Completely draining your speaker battery and not charging it for extended periods of time will shorten the battery life. We recommend topping off your battery whenever your switch button turns yellow.


Good question! We used to brand ourselves as Cool Beats, but we re-branded to RAK'D Audio in early 2022.

As much as we'd love to make you your very own custom speaker to match your favorite product or brand, infringing on another company's trademarked logo is illegal and against the rules.

Even though we can't create logo's based off of another company's finished work, we can certainly powder coat an ammo can to match their "theme" and then you can order the decals from a licensed distributor! This is completely legal and allows for both parties to benefit from the finished product!

Unfortunately, like many other things right now, bottle openers are in short supply, so we stopped offering them as an option on speakers.

Absolutely! Just leave us a comment in the comments box on the checkout page.

Functionality and Use

IP65 waterproof means that your speaker can be splashed, sprayed, left out in the rain- just not submerged! You'll have to rock out to your favorite tunes above water with these speakers.

Yes! Our speakers are rated as IP65 waterproof- meaning they can be splashed/sprayed, just not submerged. The storage compartment is just as waterproof as the rest of the speaker.

Anything; as long as it's not a liquid! Pouring liquids in your speaker may damage the electrical components and void your warranty.

The battery on your RAK'D Audio speaker will last around 30 hours per charge at moderate volumes (half volume and lower)

You can expect 6-8 hours of play time at full tilt (max volume)

Absolutely! Charging your speaker while it's playing is perfectly fine.

Your RAK'D Audio speaker will take 3-4 hours to charge from dead to fully charged.

Like any battery, lead acid batteries have a lifespan. The lifespan of your battery will depend heavily on use and charging habits, but a reasonable life expectancy would be 3-5 years.

The battery in your speaker will be the happiest when it's fully charged. Letting these batteries sit with half a charge or less will shorten the life of the battery. We recommend topping your battery when the switch on the front of your speaker turns yellow. Draining your battery completely and then letting it sit without charging it will shorten the battery life.

The volume is controlled by the volume buttons on your phone! We live a minimalist lifestyle around here. Less buttons=less confusion.

Our speakers are Bluetooth 4.0! We did away with those pesky cords.


Just kidding, we offer replacement antennas here!

IDK, buy another speaker I guess

Kidding, we offer replacement chargers here! Make sure to get a V2 charger, not a V1. They're not Interchangeable!!


We have successfully tested the Bluetooth range of our speakers up to 300 feet. This is line of sight and any obstructions may reduce Bluetooth range. Looking for more range? Check out one of our Extra Long Range antennas!

*Older devices may experience shorter Bluetooth range. Devices equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 (such as iPhone models 8 and later) will best be able to utilize the full Bluetooth range.

The Bluetooth range between the Leader speaker and your Bluetooth device will still remain at 300', but the speaker-to-speaker Bluetooth range is 150' line-of-sight with our long range antennas.

We strongly recommend using our extended range antennas in Party mode

No trickery here! The antenna you see on the top left of every speaker is the Bluetooth antenna. Since we started using an external antenna, it has allowed us to reach ranges unheard of in the Bluetooth speaker industry!


We charge a flat $16 rate for shipping speakers to the lower 48 and a flat $5 for everything else!

International shipping is based on where the speaker is headed to and is calculated during checkout.

We do! RAK'D Audio currently has speakers in 9 countries and counting!

Of course! Any new speaker damaged in transit from our facility will either be repaired or replaced free of charge. Just make sure to file a claim as soon as you receive it. It makes things easier on our end.


All RAK’D audio systems are backed by a 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship during normal use. The warranty period begins upon the day your speaker is originally shipped to the consumer.

All RAK’D warranties are issued by RAK’D, LLC and are applicable to the original purchaser of RAK’D merchandise. Warranties are non-transferrable to any subsequent purchaser or user. Any tampering, modification, or attempted repairs to any speaker will immediately void the warranty.  

Should anything happen to your RAK’D system outside of warranty, we will repair it for a fair price. All RAK’D audio modules are designed with interchangeable parts so we can easily repair a faulty unit. Any work or modifications done to the physical components of a RAK'D Audio speaker by anybody besides RAK'D LLC will void the warranty. To file a claim, contact us here.

For warranty repairs, once we receive a claim, we will send a paid-for shipping label to the email provided with the claim.

For repairs made outside of the warranty period, the buyer will be responsible for shipping to our facility.

We cover return shipping on all repairs.

We've got you covered! If your speaker starts having issues after the 1-year warranty period is over, we'll repair it for a fair price! Just fill out a repair form and send it over to us for a quick fix.