RAK'D Quick-Start Guide

Congrats on your purchase of a RAK'D Audio speaker! These speakers have quality that doesn’t disappoint and are backed by some of the best customer service in the industry! These speakers are very easy to operate, but this manual will get you on the fast track to enjoying yours. 


These speakers are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, which includes automatic pairing and device remembering. When powered on, your RAK’D speaker will auto-connect to the last device it was paired to. 


This speaker will appear as “RAK'D Audio” in your device. Pairing is as simple as powering the speaker on, finding it in your device’s Bluetooth list, and selecting it! 

Audible tones

  • 4 note rising scale- Speaker power-on
  • 2 quick notes- Searching for device
  • Single note- Pairing successful 

Adding a new device 

  • To add a new device, either turn the Bluetooth off on the device that is currently paired to the speaker or “forget” the speaker within your Bluetooth menu. This will put your speaker into pairing mode.
  • After the current device is disconnected, a new device can be paired. 


These speakers are equipped with a 12 volt battery (the same kind that’s in your car). The charge level is displayed in volts on the gauge on the front of your speaker. Below is a chart displaying the voltage readouts and their relative charge percentages. 


Battery %
























Once the battery gets low, (around 11 volts) the speaker will start to turn off/on to signal that the battery is low. You will be able to hear the speaker powering off and on when this happens.


To charge the battery, simply plug the round connector of the charger into the charging port on the lower right hand corner of your speaker and the other end into a wall outlet. When the light on the charger is red, the speaker is charging. When it turns green, charging is complete. 

  • Do not leave charger plugged into speaker without other end being plugged into wall. This will cause permanent battery damage
  • Do not leave speaker plugged into charger for over 48 hours. This can also cause damage to the battery
  • 12 volt batteries don't like being left un-charged. If your battery is low, charge it! Keeping your battery charged will greatly extend the life of the battery

Optional add-on’s

Marine speakers- RAK'D speakers that feature upgraded marine speakers will feature an IP65 waterproof rating. 

  • What does IP65 waterproof mean?

IP65 means that water sprayed or splashed from any direction will have no harmful effects on the speaker. 

*These speakers are not submergible. Submersion in water will damage the speaker and is not covered by your warranty 

USB charger- adds a USB port to the voltmeter module on the front of your speaker.


-Is it charged?

Try plugging it into the charger and see if that fixes it.

-Is everything plugged in?

Although it's rare, something may have come unplugged inside of your speaker. Pop the lid open and look for any obvious unplugged wires.

-Contact us

If the 2 suggestions above didn't fix your problem, either shoot us a message or fill out a warranty/repair form to get your unit repaired!

-Is the battery charged?

Check out the voltage gauge on the front of your speaker. Is it above 11.5 volts? Once it dips below that, the speaker will begin to power down to preserve battery life.

-Is it paired to another device?

These speakers have very long range and will auto-pair to the last device that was connected. Make sure that nobody around is paired to your speaker!

-Is the antenna attached?

Your speaker was shipped without the antenna attached to prevent damaging it. Is the antenna screwed onto the port on the top right corner of the face of your speaker?

-Is someone else already paired to it?

Listen to the speaker when it powers on. After the initial 4 note power-up tone, does it beep once or twice? One beep means that it is paired, 2 beeps means that it is searching for a device. Make sure that nobody around is paired to your speaker!

-Is the antenna attached?

Your speaker was shipped without the antenna attached to prevent damaging it. Is the antenna screwed onto the port on the top left corner of the face of your speaker?

Depending on battery use and charging habits, the typical usable life of a 12v battery is 3-5 years. If you leave your RAK'D speaker on the charger for over 48 hours or leave the charger plugged into the speaker without it being plugged into the wall, it can dramatically reduce battery life.

We replace batteries!

If your battery failed within the 1-year warranty period, we'll replace it for free! Anything after the first year, we'll replace for $30. Just fill out a repair form and we'll get fixed for you!

No fix needed for this! Keep on rockin'!