What is our Sparkle Clear Coat option?

Our metallic clear coat is an additional coat of clear powder coat applied over a base color of your choice. This clear coat will have a heavy metallic flake and will add a "sparkle" effect to your finish. 

Yes and no. Of course since we're adding an additional coat to your powder coat, it will be tougher, but powder coat by itsself is very rugged. You don't need this clear coat to make your powder coat more scratch resistant! This is more for looks.

Unfortunately this clear coat cannot be added to a regular OD green ammo can. If you desire an army green ammo can with a "sparkle" finish, we would recommend ordering a custom powder coated unit in "Rifle Green"! This will be very close to the original olive drab can, only glossy.

*Disclaimer*: Due to the curing process of powder coating, this clear coat may change the color of the base coat slightly. We cannot guarantee the resulting color will match the base coat once the clear coat is added.