"Seasoned" V2 OD Green Ammo Can Speaker
"Seasoned" V2 OD Green Ammo Can Speaker
"Seasoned" V2 OD Green Ammo Can Speaker
"Seasoned" V2 OD Green Ammo Can Speaker
"Seasoned" V2 OD Green Ammo Can Speaker

"Seasoned" V2 OD Green Ammo Can Speaker

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New features, same quality

You asked, we listened! Introducing Version 2: Our most advanced speaker yet. These speakers are housed in the same super-tough ammo cans, with a number of upgrades. The most notable being "party mode"; giving the user the ability to link up to 100 speakers together for party level sound! Feel free to scroll down to see the upgrades in detail.

All RAK'D speakers are made from 100% real, genuine military edition ammo cans. These seasoned units are made from used Olive Drab green ammo cans with real stenciling, scuffs, & "character" given to them while they were in service. These ammo cans are considered Grade 1 and are in good overall condition. These speakers combine the perfect balance of portability, durability, and volume to make what we believe is the perfect Bluetooth speaker. 

*These are used ammo cans. Scuffs, scratches and small dents are considered normal. All of these are unique battle scars given to them while in service! Stenciling on rear of can may vary.

Technical Stuff


Speaker Size: 4"

Efficiency Rating: 90db @ 3ft.

Amplifier Power: 100W

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, 300ft. tested range, line-of-sight

Party Mode Bluetooth Range: 125', line-of-sight with standard antennas, 200' line-of-sight with extended range antennas. This is speaker-to-speaker Bluetooth distance, not phone-to-speaker distance.


Type: 12v lead acid

Play Time: 30 hours at moderate volumes 6+ at full tilt

Charge Time: 5 hours from dead to full charge 


Dimensions: 12in. Long x 7in. Wide x 8in. Tall

Weight: 13lbs

Waterproof Rating: IP65- Protected from jets of water & dust. Not submergible

Dry-box Waterproof Rating: IP65- Protected from jets of water & dust. Not submergible 

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Colin W
Worth Every Cent

I purchased this for our local Marine Corps League for parades and the range and battery life have exceeded all expectations! From a block away the sound is still crystal clear and it's so easy to use. Have recommended these speakers to everyone I've met asking about them!

Daisy b.
Speaker is amazing

The speaker is amazing, we absolutely love it. Though scuffed up a bit in shipping, works beautifully. Very durable.

Ramon Castillo
A grade

The manufacturing and quality of this product is outstanding. Can’t wait to order second one and link together for an even better experience. Clear sound and range.

Jeff Hunter
8 days 30hrs 50%+ battery

No joke. I haven’t charged it even for a moment since I received it. It only has the charged it was shipped with. @30hrs of use I needed to charge my phone so I figured I’d use the speaker. An hr later came back and it was finally flashing yellow while charging the phone. Great sound even at the loudest setting. More than loud enough to make the neighbors mad! 😂👍🏼

Eric Sullivan
Worth the money!

Ordered the Seasoned V2 OD Green Ammo Can Speaker. I am a Heavy Equipment Field Tech and use this all day and absolutely love it. Everyone that sees is amazed by it. Long lasting battery life too.


Real Surplus

These are real, used U.S. Military edition ammo cans. Every can will have it’s own unique marks of character. Just think of the stories they could tell.

2 words

Party. Mode.

1 speaker just not cutting it? Link up to 100 of our V2 units together for party-level sound! The best part? These still maintain 200' of range speaker-to-speaker with our extended range antennas. Feel free to spread 'em out!

Long Range

300' phone to speaker. Real world. No tricks. Our antennas are the real deal; stream music into the next room, or the next house.

Looking to step it up even further? Check out our longer range antenna upgrade here.


New dry box storage

These ammo cans feature a small space under the lid to keep your valuables safe and dry. Add our optional USB charger to top your devices off while staying dry!


Durability When You Need It

Not everybody plans on being hard on their equipment, sometimes it just happens. When the going gets tough, make sure you have a speaker that can handle the abuse.

no more voltmeter
Simple Operation

Easily control everything from one button. The LED ring light also serves as your battery charge indicator- no more reading a voltage gauge to determine battery charge.

Optional IP65 Waterproof

Splash it, spray it with a hose, leave it out in the rain. With our optional upgraded waterproof speakers, your speaker will be ready for whatever you have to throw at it; especially water.

IP65 rating: Able to withstand direct jets of water & extended exposure to moisture. Not submergible

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